The professional network allows experts, with significant experience of working with each other, to provide a wide-ranging list of services. The co-operative approach allows each business to work in a mutually beneficial manner, using our compatible skills and experience to provide better delivery of outputs for clients.




Tuil Solutions Limited

Tuil Solutions is an environmental consultancy which offers comprehensive support and advice on flood risk management, surface water management and water sensitive urban design.  We have highly trained staff with extensive experience in providing cost effective, innovative solutions, which are tailored to meet your specific needs. We have the benefit of staff who have worked for the environmental regulators in Scotland and England, with a detailed knowledge of their requirements. 

Tuil means ‘an unusual accumulation of water above the ground caused by high tide, heavy rain, melting snow or rapid runoff from paved areas'.

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C & D Associates

The partnership was set up in order to develop and bring to the market new ideas to address hitherto intractable stormwater management issues.   

The partners bring together more than four decades of pollution control and flood risk management experience; consequently this business is based on pragmatic and realistic options to address frontier stormwater management issues.   

Two patents are pending for stormwater management devices at a houseplot or equivalent scale, independently tested at two British Universities. Current projects are underway in Scotland, England and Germany. 

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John Pinder
John Pinder has 40 years’ service in pollution control and community engagement and offers a unique blend of skills needed to address environmental problems at the whole-watershed or landscape scale. He has worked actively to bring together the three components of sustainability (environment, economy and community) to deliver places fit to live, work and play.

John has set up successful partnerships and continued to programme manage them for 10 years with tangible delivery outputs year on year.

Developing strategy, linking your core business to the surrounding landscape / catchment / watershed and natural resources conservation. The services which he provides includes: organising short seminars / conferences on water pollution control, catchment management, and landscape-scale protection, technical advice on catchment / watershed issues, including land use and ecosystem services, facilitation in community /environment engagement in landscape scale management and advising on other environmental initiatives.


Christie Gillespie Associates
Christie Associates provide structural engineering design consultancy services for the built environment. The practice was established in July 2014 by Alistair Christie, a Chartered Structural Engineer, who has 30 years of experience in the design of a wide variety of building and related structures. Alistair's career to date has included a rich variety of projects of all scales. From coach house conversions to multi-million pound healthcare developments, his CV of projects covers most public and private sectors such as education, industrial, commercial and infrastructure developments.  

We have a particular interest in sustainable development and can provide specialist advice on structural matters to integrate low energy and low carbon solutions.

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 Moir Environmental Ltd
Moir Environmental is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy specialising in sustainable drainage solutions for both sewage and surface waters. We are focused on the application & installation of passive treatment & attenuation technologies such as package sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, reedbeds, swales, ponds, basins & wetlands for both new and existing developments. 

We provide professional services tailored to the requirements of each project or when required we can offer a turn-key solution from initial conception, though planning & detailed design, installation works and right though to commissioning.  

  To complement our professional services we offer a wide range of field based services at all stages of a project including asset appraisals, drainage investigations, repair & refurbishment works, new installations, commissioning, servicing & maintenance.


Heilo Ecology Ltd

Heilo Ecology Ltd provide ecological surveys, impact assessment and advice on protected species and habitats. Our expertise lies in bird surveys and protected species surveys, and environmental compliance.

We can provide input into design, and provide support through construction phases including pre construction surveys and Environmental / Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW).

We have over 10 years’ combined experience of working with clients across a diverse range of projects and sectors, particularly in the Highlands, but also across Scotland, throughout the UK and internationally. We identify and evaluate ecological issues and constraints early on in the development process, and give clear pragmatic advice to ensure legal compliance, to manage risk and avoid delays to programme. We use our technical expertise and our enthusiasm for wildlife to devise innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs and ensure projects are delivered successfully.



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