Would they have built this if they’d been asked to design a “community raingarden?”

- 8:18 pm - June 11th, 2017

Here is a photo of a detention basin in Garthamlock Gorge, Glasgow; not a great contribution to amenity or biodiversity, but hopefully when an extreme storm event does happen it will be a fine place for the stormwater to accumulate and drain down at a manageable rate.  But for the many months and years when not required to achieve that design goal, could it have been better designed to give some amenity value to the land for the benefit of local people and some habitat value too?



Photo credit:  Neil McLean

Perhaps if the planning requirement had specified a community raingarden, but with exactly the same flood risk management specifications, it could have attenuated peak flows just as effectively AND looked far better, whilst delivering amenity and wildlife benefits every day… (e.g. Kinross SUDS below).


Constructed wetland receiving outflows from source control road edge swales, Kinross by-pass, April 2017

Photo credit:  BJ D’Arcy