High impact drainage systems

- 10:32 am - April 5th, 2016

Froggerblogger readers will recall the gruesome gullies item we posted last year.  We plan to have a progress note later this year, and are keen to share records of amphibians and other wildlife in conventional drainage systems and in SUDS, so please write to us again!

It is definitely an issue overlooked by mainstream engineers and manufacturers when designing drainage systems, even the hopefully ‘greener’ techniques known as SUDS/LID/urban BMPs/WSUD etc.  For example, since raising this as a SUDS design issue, we have evidence of small mammals and even a hedgehog trapped and drowned in drainage chambers on SUDS features in UK.  The latest victim we can feature was a frog that jumped into a high level overflow drain on a highway swale in Shenzhen China, to evade a horde of conference delegates from a LID (Low Impact Drainage) and green infrastructure) conference in Shenzhen, China earlier in March this year (15-19.3.2016).


Chinese mystery creature (photo credit Shushan SHI) evading delegates from Shenzhen green infrastructure conference, March 19th 2016.

 We would like to work up a case study of amphibian population benefits that could accrue from more carefully targeted SUDS, of appropriate design, in breeding areas especially and on migration routes to and from ponds.  The guidance is needed for planning officials, designers, developers, and wildlife NGOs and individual nature enthusiasts wishing to comment constructively on new housing and other developments.

Write to us with your comments and observations please!

Brian D’Arcy brian@enviroexperience.co.uk